The Golden Skein is born!

logo_symbolHello and welcome to The Golden Skein’s blog. We are working with some of the most talented hand dyers, from across the globe, to create exclusive custom colour ways for your knitting and crochet pleasure.

We want to bring the best hand dyed yarns together in themed collections, for the enjoyment of knitters and crocheters who love independently dyed yarn. It isn’t always easy to find out about different indie dyers and expand our stashes with new and interesting colour ways and fibres. At The Golden Skein, we are passionate about seeking out high quality yarns in beautiful colour ways, and want to share the fruits of our labour with you.

We also believe that every yarn tells a story. In much the same way that a song or a smell can take you back to a particular time or place, often you have memories attached to a particular knitting project. It could be a souvenir skein from a trip away. A gift for a friend you have lovingly crafted. It could be that project that got you through a really tough time.

Or it could be your Golden Skein. That skein of yarn that is so wonderful and precious. You take it out of your stash and admire it. You want to knit it, but you are still searching for that perfect pattern.

Here at The Golden Skein, we don’t believe in favourites. Every skein should be Golden!



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