Off to a Flying start….

Jo and I had a great time launching the trial club.  There was so much excitement and we were very pleased (not to mention mightily relieved) that our yarn club was well received.  The excitement and chatter over on our Ravelry group was fabulous.  Thank you so much ladies for being so enthusiastic and fun.

For those of you who missed it, here is the inspiration picture, which was used with the kind permission of Nick Ford.

Happy New Decade by Nick FordHappy New Decade, by Nick Ford

And here is what our fabulous dyers produced, 3 fabulous different skeins of yarn:

Trial Club 3

This first to arrive at TGS headquarters, way back in September, was Nurturing Fibre’s 100% merino in a colourway named “Golden Dawn”.  Carlé hand delivered the yarn all the way from South Africa.  OK that wasn’t quite as extreme as it sounds, Carlé was lucky enough to be doing a small tour of Europe and met me one evening for supper.  I don’t think the staff of Pizza Express had ever seen so much yarn.

"Golden Dawn", dyed by Nurturing Fibres  for the TGS Trial Club
“Golden Dawn”, dyed by Nurturing Fibres
for the TGS Trial Club

Next to arrive was Sparkleduck‘s “And The Clouds Began to Break” which arrived by post and was surprisingly different from Carle’s – this was very exciting! This yarn is a luxurious 55% wool and 45% silk.   You can read all about Heather’s dyeing inspiration here.

"And the Clouds Began to Break" dyed by Sparkleduck for the TGS Trial Club
“And the Clouds Began to Break” dyed by Sparkleduck for the TGS Trial Club

And last, buy by no mean least, For The Love of Yarn‘s “Walk of Tranquility” arrived.  I didn’t get to see this yarn in the flesh (so to speak) until the club members did.  Jo sent me one skein at the same time as she sent out all the TGS club parcels.  It was very exciting to see the package arrive.  I’d seen pictures of the packaging but didn’t really know how lovely it was till it arrived in the post.  Lisa wrote something for us too about her dyeing process. You can read it here.  This yarn is a very squishy, or “smooshy” as Jo calls it, because it is 80% merino superwash with 20% bamboo.

Walk of Tranquillity dyed by For the Love of Yarn for the TGS Trial Club
“Walk of Tranquillity” dyed by For the Love of Yarn for the TGS Trial Club

I can’t wait to see what our next 3 dyers come up with for the first quarters of  The Power of 3Yarn  Club and the Slimmers’ Club from this fabulous photo of a Tornado over London.  Sign ups are already being taken.  Just look at all those silvers and greys and then there’s all the tiny flecks of colours on the ground, which should make for some interesting effects.  This should make for some wonderful Golden Skeins.

Tornado GR4 over London
Tornado GR4 over London

Lots of our Trial Club members are wonderful craft bloggers and podcasters and we were very lucky to benefit from lots of reviews:

Blogs from trial club members:

The wonderful Shoe wrote on her Sparkly Shoes are Faster  blog

The fabulous Martine wrote “Oh Yarn” on her iMake blog

The lovely Clare wrote on her Yarn and Pointy Sticks blog

Podcasts about the Trial Club

Yarns from the Plain


Caithness Craft Collective

Knitting with TGS yarn

The lovely Shoe also wrote a blog about her first TGS project: 2014 The Year of the Sock


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