Knitting up a storm!

Tornado over London?  Well not too sure about that, but our members were certainly whirlwind knitters with our Tornado over London colourways from Quarter 1 of the Power of 3 and Slimmers’ clubs.

If you haven’t knitted yours yet, here’s a selection to inspire you…

Dye for Yarn – Tornado over London


The lovely Louise Tilbrook knitted the Velvet Rose Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I think this is gorgeous and am seriously tempted to turn my DFY skein into this too, but my skein is reserved for the P/Hop Commonwealth Games Knit-a-long.

Louise Tillbrook's Velvet Rose
Louise Tilbrook’s Velvet Rose

Linda (aka Lindarose287) bought 2 of these wonderfully fluffy skeins and knitted this gorgeous cardi called Hematite by Lisa Mutch.

LIndaRoses287's Hematite
Lindarose287’s Hematite

LIndaRoses287's Hermatite2Linda took advantage of the incredibly long length of this 100 g skein – a whopping 480 metres! I’m sure you agree, the results are fabulous.  as is Linda’s figure – well jel!

Yarn Garden – Miss Wilmott’s ghost


I’ve already knitted up this one, and like Linda I bought 2 skeins so that I could make Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes.  I’m actually wearing it as I type – I LOVE it!

Katestwirl's Waterlilly
Katestwirl’s Waterlily

Katestwirl's Waterlilly2

Louise (yes, she’s a v quick knitter and has already knitted 2 skeins from Q1) knitted Zilver  by Lisa Mutch (ooh that Mutch girl writes some jolly good patterns) with her YG skein.

Lousie Tilbrook’s Zilver


Hedgehog Fibres – Stark


Well, I cheated a little with this one, because I started knitting it up way before the post out date.  Benefits of running a yarn club I guess!  I chose to knit a pair of toe up socks called Brainless, a free pattern by  Yarnissima.

Katestwirl’s Briainless socks


Chrissy aka Stitched-Together also knitted socks: Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks, no less, by Sox Therapist!  I need to be more adventurous in my sock knitting – I do toe up, short row heels and that’s it.  MUST try other heels – I may like them!

Fish Kiss Lips Heel
Sitched-Togther’s Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks – they look mighty cosy to me!

Fish Kiss Lips Heel2

What fabulous creations will come form Quarter 2 – Summer Harvest?




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