#FreeYourSkeins2015 Day 13: ‘Spring Crescent’ by Julia Aakjaer

'Spring Crescent' by Julia Aakjaer. Image Copyright Julia Aakjaer.
‘Spring Crescent’ by Julia Aakjaer. Image Copyright Julia Aakjaer.

Bring in the first crochet pattern to #FreeYourSkeins2015

I’m delighted to report that #FreeYourSkeins2015 has expanded into the hooky patternosphere, thanks to some guest pattern suggestions from some lovely readers. Eager to ensure that crochet gets a little representation, we’ll be doing one post a week, on Tuesdays. This week, we’ve joined by the lovely and very thorough pattern list complier, Laura Cracknell aka jadesfire. This lady doesn’t mess about when it comes to crochet.

Laura suggested ‘Spring Crescent’ for this week’s crochet pick. She says, “It’s good for ‘true’ variegated yarns – ie very short colour runs that merge into each other. Yarns dyed to stripe in knitting tend not to work in crochet. Once you’re set up, it’s a 2 row repeat, so easily memorised, and as it’s a baktus, you just weigh your yarn and start the decreases once you’ve got half left. Simple.”

Sounds ideal to me! What would you hook this in?

If you like Laura’s style, she also blogs over here at Made In Oxford.

A big FreeYourSkeins thanks to Laura for helping with today’s post!


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