#FreeYourSkeins2015 Day 20: ‘All Shawl’ by Doris Chan

'All Shawl' by Doris Chan. Image Copyright Doris Chan.
‘All Shawl’ by Doris Chan. Image Copyright Doris Chan.

One size fits all

Tuesday means it’s crochet pattern day, so we’re welcoming back the lovely Laura with our suggestion for today: ‘All Shawl’ by Doris Chan.

This is an absolute classic of a shawl. Doris Chan is a genius designer, and it will work in any yarn. Any at all. Any size, any weight, it’s going to look awesome. I’ve made 3, I think. Maybe 4. Each different to the previous and all of them brilliant. It’s a ‘must make’ sort of thing.

You can’t really argue with a pattern as versatile as this one. Options for freeing all kinds of skeins there! It seems to work well with all different dye styles from the project pictures.

What would you crochet yours in?

#FreeYourSkeins2015 is a Project 365 by The Golden Skein. Want to find out more about it? Check out this page for details.

If you like Laura’s style, she also blogs over here at Made In Oxford.

A big FreeYourSkeins thanks to Laura for helping with today’s post!


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