#FreeYourSkeins2015 Day 40: ‘Little Nutbrown Hare’ by Sally Cameron

'Little Nutbrown Hare' by Sally Cameron. Image Copyright Knitsforklipskaap.
‘Little Nutbrown Hare’ by Sally Cameron. Image Copyright Knitsforklipskaap.

Something for the small people

After 40 days, it’s about time we had a pattern for the little knitwear models in our lives. This pattern caught my eye in the search as the wee sleeping baby in the photo is now two years old, and sleep is for the weak. ‘Little Nutbrown Hare’ by Sally Cameron is a masterclass in criminally cute knitwear for children. Whether it’s your own child, or gift knitting for someone else’s, the chorus of ‘awws’ will be loud and clear with this hat. Paired with the book that inspired it, you have a thoughtful and heartfelt gift, with knitwear that will ensure there are lines of grannies in any supermarket, following the tot like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. What’s not to like?

Semi-solids are your friend with this pattern, to allow the cable detail to shine. Don’t feel constrained to the usual pastels, however; loud and proud will work beautifully in this project (go big or go home!) and show a bit more personality in your choice of ribbon for the ears. Base-wise, choose something super-soft to go next to the skin. Merino or BFL would be great options, as would a singles yarn.

What would you knit yours in?

#FreeYourSkeins2015 is a Project 365 by The Golden Skein. Want to find out more about it? Check out this page for details.


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