#FreeYourSkeins2015 Day 47: ‘Draco Shawl’ by Katherine Mills

'Draco Shawl' by Katherine mills. Image Copyright Katherine Mills.
‘Draco Shawl’ by Katherine Mills. Image Copyright Katherine Mills.

Crochet beaded shawl

It’s time for another crochet pattern and this week, we’re upping the ante with the pretty beaded single-skein Draco Shawl. The unusual shape of this shawl gives it an interesting look when styled, and would be a great introduction to beading.

Yarn-wise, you could use most bases for this shawl, with alpaca and silk blends affording more drape to the finished object. Semi-solid or solids would be best in terms of dye effect, to avoid overwhelming the beading; you could consider doing the shawl in a most busy colour way and omitting the beads.

What would you crochet this in?

#FreeYourSkeins2015 is a Project 365 by The Golden Skein. Want to find out more about it? Check out this page for details.


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